Captive is a five-piece outfit from Richmond, Virginia that blends ambitious themes and soundscapes within a dynamic, yet muscular, alternative rock format. Founded in 2013 by Zach Crockett and Tony Hacker, the band has subsequently undergone several changes and, in 2016, arrived at their current lineup.


Recorded at VuDu Studio in Port Jefferson, NY, and released in March of 2016, their full-length album, A Lost Dream: The Dreamer Lost, is a concept album that eschews the pedantic trappings sometimes found in such works, and instead tries to immerse the listener in a more unique—and powerful—experience.



Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Zach Crockett

Vocals, Guitar / Matt McIver

Guitar / Grant Oliver

Bass / Tony Hacker

Drums / Josh Keller







the dreamer sessions


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